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Facial Wax

affordable facial wax service

Unwanted facial hair can feel like a nightmare and using at-home treatments like razors can leave you with unsightly ingrown hairs, razor burns, and even permanent scarring. Dayton Waxing Salon is a premier waxing center that specializes in a wide variety of affordable waxing services with facial waxing being one of more popular. We are certified cosmetologists who possess decades of experience helping clients be the best selves. We provide facial wax services that include; chin waxing, lip waxing, neck and neckline waxing, ear hair waxing, nose hair waxing, and mustache waxing. As proud members of the Better Business Bureau, we take every precaution to ensure that our clients have a comfortable experience with us.

Why Facial Hair Happens

Facial hair in women can happen for several reasons but it doesn’t have to be growth that you must live with when there are effective solutions such as waxing. Hair naturally grows on our faces but when it is more than just a fine almost invisible texture, it can be a burden for some people. Hair growth that is considered excessive could be the result of changing hormones, a sign of aging or it could be hereditary. There are even some ethnic groups that predisposed to excessive facial hair growth. But whatever the reason, if it is unwanted, waxing could be a viable solution for you that can remedy you from the daily task of shaving, plucking, and tweezing.

Precise Strategy

Perhaps you have tried solutions at home to get rid of excessive facial hair and you are not happy with the results. Efforts like shaving with a razor can be a disaster, causing razor bumps and stubble. Shaving your face is probably one of the worst strategies you can do because when your hair starts to grow back it may appear thicker due to the blunt cut ends of hair coming through the skin surface. If you are a woman, you likely do not want this shadow effect on your face. Instead, our waxing technique is a precise strategy that lifts hair from the root, allowing hair to grow back without the stubble effect.

Time Changes Growth

When you choose to wax your facial hair, you may be pleased to note that over time your hair will grow less. Because waxing pulls the hair up from the root, you can be hairless for several weeks unlike if you were to shave. This ripping effect from the waxing procedure eventually causes the hair follicle to die if conducted repeatedly. You will find that your hair follicles will no longer produce hair, leaving you with less need to wax as frequently as when you first started. This is a great relief to many clients. Though the process can take years to happen, you will most certainly notice a difference in the quality of hair produced by the follicles. They will become finer.

Long-Lasting Results

When you have unwanted facial hair it might seem like it’s a never-ending pattern of regrowth after shaving. It can seem like a tedious routine and one in which you might be contemplating throwing your hands up to let growth just happen without fighting it. For darker-skinned women, hair removal treatments like lasers might not be a good fit for fear of permanent scarring. But waxing facial hair provides long-lasting results, and even when regrowth appears, it is significantly less noticeable than blunt cut hair stubble from razors.

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