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Dayton Waxing Salon

Dayton Waxing Salon

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Waxing has become a controversial grooming procedure that some people have vilified and others simply adore. But at the end of the spectrum of feelings and beliefs about the practice, when you decide to go hairless, it’s a personal decision and it’s important to find the right salon that offers you impeccable service.  You want professional care that makes you feel comfortable and helps you reach your beauty goals. Dayton Waxing Salon offers you this and more, giving you a smooth appearance using the best salon-quality products and techniques currently on the market.

You will not find a better waxing salon in the region that cares about clients and offers affordable waxing services with fantastic results.

About Us

Not all waxing salons are created equal and seeking a professional salon that values its clients and makes them comfortable is critical. Waxing isn’t always pain-free and an esthetician that is highly skilled and knowledgeable can make all the difference in whether you return to that salon or not. We have a customized approach to waxing that ensures you come away from the experience feeling as well cared for as possible. We take great pride in our ability to provide clients with helpful tips and techniques for maintaining a smooth hair-free surface free from skin irritation and issues like scarring. As members of the Better Business Bureau, you can expect our attention to detail and sanitary conditions to be impeccable.

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Our Services

From nose and toe waxing to intimate waxing such as French wax and vagacials, we offer a wide array of services for hair removal. Our team is dedicated to precision and providing clients with friendly and comfortable services. Waxing private parts can be a daunting or intimidating procedure for some people and the attitude of your service provider matters as well as the environment. This is why we believe it’s vital to conduct consultations with clients to understand their concerns and provide expert feedback and information about each service. We also believe that waxing services should be affordable to everyone and that is why we offer cheap waxing services that are value for money.

professional brazillian wax service
Brazilian Wax

Whether you want a landing strip when we are waxing your private areas or you want to be completely bare from front to back, the choice is yours. As the premier waxing lounge in the region, we offer a wide array of bikini waxing services that are customized to suit your beauty ideal. In the end, you will have a smooth area that allows you to dump your razor and stay hair-free for several weeks.

professional eyebrow wax service
Eyebrow Wax

We can help you create eyebrows that are the perfect shape for your face and style. It’s precision work that truly requires a skilled and steady hand at waxing. Our estheticians have dedicated their careers to providing exceptional services to clients and you will not find a better waxing studio in the region that can instantly improve your appearance and give you better symmetry. Don’t waste your time with do-it-yourself techniques when you can call for an appointment with an affordable waxing service provider that doesn’t forsake quality for low prices.

“I wouldn’t use any other eyebrow waxing salon. They are the perfect place to get any type of waxing you need without fear that you won’t love it.” – April M.

professional full body wax service
Full Body Wax

There’s no need to take several days of appointments to achieve your hair-free goals. Instead, you can call for an appointment with Dayton Waxing Salon for a full-body wax. We offer customized services that give you all the time you need for each hair removal session. From the best eyebrow waxing down to tummy waxing and arm waxing as well as your nose and toes. We make the process comfortable and you will not find a more friendly team of specialists who are deeply committed to performing high-quality service provision.

professional leg wax service
Leg Wax

You have an outfit that your keen to wear that shows off your legs to their best advantage, but your razor stubble skin is not ready for an appearance. You need to make an appointment fast. We are available to help you reach your beauty goals by providing you with excellent leg waxing. If you are seeking affordable waxing service and a strategy to end the battle of razor bumps, look no further than Dayton Waxing Salon for all your waxing needs.

“This is the only place I would ever consider for my Brazilian waxing. They really make you feel comfortable and relaxed and I could not ask for a more friendly atmosphere.” – Dee J.

professional arm wax service
Arm Wax

We give as much attention to your forearms and underarms as we do to the rest of your body hair removal needs. If you don’t want hair in a particular area of your body, we can easily remove it with skill. Whether it’s to look more polished or wear clothing with confidence, we have the best professional wax solution you need. We take great pride in providing waxing services that are affordable using high-quality products. You will not find a better team of specialists who will be dedicated to waxing armpits with care and precision.

professional facial wax service
Facial Wax

You have hair growth on your face that creates a mustache or maybe you feel your nose hair is too long or you have hair on your chin that absolutely must be eliminated. Whatever the scenario, Dayton Waxing Salon is at your service to provide convenient and effective hair removal using our products and skills. You will achieve longer last results rather than choosing the tedious methods of razors that can create stubble. We are licensed estheticians and we are proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but after sitting for a consultation, I felt much more relaxed about what to expect for my back waxing and I am happy I found them.” – Corey W.

Call Us Today

When you contact us, we happily answer any questions you might have about our procedures. We can quickly schedule and consult with you to determine your beauty goals and help you pursue them with precision. Contacting us is easy via phone, email, text messaging as well as through our social media accounts. We look forward to serving every client with hair removal that makes them feel confident and presents the best you possible.