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Brazilian Wax

reliable Brazilian wax service

You’ve heard about it in movies, your friends have been swooning about it and you’ve read a ton of news articles that wax poetic about the Brazilian. Now it’s time to head to the waxing salon and experience it for yourself. Dayton Waxing Salon is a premier waxing center that offers an array of services. From our reviews, you will see that we offer professional efficient, and affordable waxing services that are guaranteed to give you that smooth hair-free feeling you are seeking. The Brazilian wax is one of our most requested and popular services that clients make to return to our salon. 


Defining a Brazilian Wax Procedure

The removal of hair from the body is an ancient practice that dates as far back as ancient Egypt. In fact, it is believed that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used the practice to achieve smooth hairless skin. In the middle, east waxing was a highly popular practice long in use but not well known in the West until its introduction from Brazil. Women on the beaches started wearing tinier bikinis, known as the G-string and this resulted in the practice of removing more hair around the pubic area. This waxing process is also called bare wax, consisting of waxing hair completely off from the navel down the front of the bikini area and around the back and inside the buttocks.  


Clean Safe Environment

Choosing the right waxing salon for your Brazilian is a vital component for how satisfied you will be with the results and the experience. As the number one bikini and Brazilian wax salon in the region, we have an exceptional reputation for maintaining a clean safe environment. We understand that a first-time experience, as well as repeat clients, is seeking not just a superficial appearance of clean. This is why we routinely clean spaces after each client to ensure every person including staff is protected from germs and bacteria. We clean our tables as well as our work stations and all of our equipment is sanitized and organized after each use.  


Experience Counts

Brazilian wax services require a high degree of precision and expertise to ensure the comfort of clients. As a decades-old waxing salon we not only have the skills and experience you are seeking, but we also take time out to research and test innovative new products for flawless Brazilian hair wax. As a result, our clients see us as experts who are highly qualified. We take the time to speak with you and determine whether you have any product allergies and we explain the procedures. Our practices reduce discomfort and because we specialize in waxing services, we have a far deeper understanding of products and advanced solutions for Brazilian waxing. 


Efficiency is a Critical

You’ve watched hours of do-it-yourself video for removing bikini hair with at-home kits. It might seem like a great idea and the solution to using a professional. But nothing compares to the efficiency of using an expert. We conduct intimate waxing in a swift and efficient manner. This is often critical for people who do not have a lot of time and it can significantly reduce the amount of discomfort you might feel from the procedure. Rather than attempting over-the-counter solutions that can cause you to abandon the treatment, it’s a far better strategy to visit our waxing location for a specialist. 

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