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About Our Team

professional waxing expert during work

From eyebrow waxing to intimate waxing and everything in between, we are the best-rated waxing service in the Dayton region. We have a loyal base of clients who routinely recommend us to their friends and family because they know we make the waxing service experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Our estheticians are highly trained and are deeply committed to their craft. They take time to update their skills and knowledge so that clients benefit from the latest techniques and trends. Services such as vagacials and full body waxing are popular not just because they are trendy but also because we offer affordable waxing deals. But cheap prices are not the only reason why we are a premier waxing lounge. We offer a safe clean environment that assures clients they are in professional hands. We leave nothing to chance when we provide you with a waxing service. This means we take our time to consult with clients to avoid issues like skin irritations and we keep your details on file so that we can ensure consistent exceptional services.

As a decades-old waxing studio, we have a loyal following that proves our reputation is well earned in the industry. Our team of specialists routinely upgrade their skills and technique to bring clients the latest trends and strategies that increase comfort during the waxing procedures. If you are seeking cheap waxing services that do not forsake quality over pricing, Dayton Waxing Salon should be your service provider of choice. We take great pride in our wide variety of waxing services that help you look your best.

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