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Leg Wax

affordable leg wax service

Walk into Dayton Waxing Salon with hairy legs or stubble and walk out feeling like a smooth-skinned model ready for a photoshoot. We are well known for our expertise and precision in the world of best waxing places. You may be asking yourself if getting your leg hair snatched off with hot or cold wax is worth the trouble and the answer would be absolutely. This is because the results are noticeably fantastic. We are the premier specialists for a multitude of waxing services from leg waxing to toe waxing, you will not find a better more affordable waxing service that is friendly and efficient. Make an appointment with one of our technicians and you will soon see why we are one of the most popular waxing lounges in the area.

Benefit from Less Regrowth

Regular leg waxing leads to the benefit of less regrowth over time. Your hair grows back slower and finer the more you take the time to wax your legs. Shaving at home might give you smooth results but it will not remove the hair follicle and slow down hair growth. Waxing typically means that you do not need to return for another service for any time between 3 to 4 weeks, and in some cases even longer. Depending on how fast your hair follicles return you have plenty of time free from worrying about hair growth on your legs, leaving you’re the ability to show off smooth skin on your legs. This is a great time saving for many people.

No More Stubble

Let’s face it stubble can be itchy and scratchy and uncomfortable. But that’s what happens when you use a razor to get rid of leg hair. When your hair starts growing back, the blunt edges grow up out of the follicle, leaving you with what can look and feel like five o’clock shadow on your legs. Using a razor also typically makes many people’s skin itch when the hair starts to regrow and scratching can cause ingrown hair and follicle infections. This is particularly true if you are not exfoliating your legs on a routine basis. We provide exceptional leg waxing for countless clients who have instantly see the difference when regrowth happens.

Hair Regrowth Becomes Finer

Many of our clients list finer regrowth of their hair as a side benefit for choosing leg waxing and many other waxing services. This is a feature of waxing that happens over time and with routine waxing. As your hair is removed by the root, it causes a weakening of the hair follicle and eventual death to the follicle the length of time this takes to happen depends upon your genetics but you will be pleased to note this is a normal occurrence that happens to anyone who receives waxing treatments. Over time, you will notice that your waxing appointments do not need to be nearly as frequent due to less regrowth.

Avoid Skin Irritations

As professional estheticians, we utilize a wide variety of techniques to help clients avoid skin irritations. We are a fastidious waxing studio that takes keeping our environment clean and sanitary seriously. As members of the Better Business Bureau, we have a stellar reputation for a hygienic, safe, and comfortable operation. We also only use high-quality waxing products to ensure that your skin is well cared for under our watch.

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