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Full Body Wax

reliable full body wax service

When summer arrives many of us want to be ready not just in the mind, but also our bodies. Getting a full-body wax is a perfect strategy to prepare for a season of fun in the sun, showing skin that hasn’t felt the hot breezes of one of the best times of the year. From swimsuits to sleeveless clothing and shorts that bare your legs, you want to look your best in everything and full-body treatment from Dayton Waxing Salon should be your go-to specialists. We provide a comfortable setting with friendly and affordable waxing services that will keep you coming back for repeat sessions whenever you need them.

Save Time

You want to hit the ground running when warm weather hits or if you’re headed on your beach holiday. Rather than making several dates to do your waxing needs, you can set one appointment to get several waxing services at one time. Our waxing center is a comfortable setting that offers clients services that are efficient and affordable. When you have a tight schedule, you want to know you won’t spend endless hours of your precious time waiting for other clients. Instead, we book your appointment with each service in mind so that it is perfectly timed to get you in and out according to your schedule. From facial waxing down to chest waxing, tummy waxing, and toe waxing, your appointment can be customized to fit your needs.

Professional Expertise

Let’s be honest, a full body wax leaves you feeling fabulous but for some people, there is some discomfort in the hair removal process. Some areas of your body are more sensitive than others. For some, a bikini wax such as Hollywood wax or Brazilian wax is not a big deal but they flinch at underarm wax. But whatever the scenario for you, our wax salon has professional fully trained specialists who approach waxing with a sure hand that is efficient. They use techniques to minimize pain and they consult with each client so that he/she is fully informed and relaxed. We offer a spotlessly clean and comfortable environment that aids your comfort.

Comfortable Experience

As a decades-old professional waxing salon, we are well versed in techniques that make our clients comfortable. This not only means we offer excellent facilities in our waxing lounge, but we also use state of the art equipment as well as the highest quality waxing products to guarantee you are safe and free from skin irritations and infections that could so easily come from a lesser experienced and conscientious waxing center. The results of our care and expertise mean that you are comfortable, and you get the results you wanted to make you feel your very best. We are deeply committed to making our clients feel great so that whatever they choose to wear they will feel confident that they love the skin they’re in.

Affordable Waxing Services

Making an appointing at one of the best waxing places you will find in the region doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. You don’t have to forgo sanitary conditions or exceptional customer service either. As a leading waxing lounge, we take great pride in our cheap waxing services that offer clients full body waxing that is comfortable and helps you look and feel your best all year long.

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