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Arm Wax

affordable arm wax service

You have the perfect outfit that shows off your arms to perfection, but first, you want smooth and hair-free arms. Whether you want to remove underarm hair or hair on your forearms, Dayton Waxing Salon has the perfected technique you are seeking. The world is made up of lots of people and some don’t wax while others do. And if you are part of the latter crowd, you want to utilize the services of an experienced, professional, and affordable salon team. We possess decades of experience that help you create the hairless, clean smooth appearance you love without the drama of perusing cosmetic aisles for just the right products.

Professional Expertise and Results

There are endless waxing products on the shelves of your favorite pharmacy and in the beauty supply department of supermarkets, but nothing is ever as good as a professional. When you arrive at Dayton Waxing Salon you can expect the highest quality service. Just take a look at our rave reviews by our clients and you will see that our professional expertise and your results are unmatched by any other waxing places in the region. We take great pride in our knowledge of hair growth patterns and effective removal that is fast and efficient. Whether you are seeking a full arm waxing, hand and finger wax, or waxing armpits, our results are always consistently excellent. You can also check our standards as members of the Better Business Bureau.


Many people often resort to shaving with razors every couple of days for a smooth hairless look. Buying the right type of razors, cleaning, and storing them can not only be a hassle but the replacement parts can also be a tedious and expensive time spent on your grooming. Arm waxing not only helps you achieve the look you want, but it is also a far more cost-effective strategy. Our affordable waxing services keep you hair-free for weeks longer than using a razor. That’s because hair is removed from the root and typically takes 4 to 6 weeks before you will need a follow-up procedure. This means there’s more time hair free and less time spent looking for issues like stubble under your armpits.


There’s something to be said for efficient and fast results. When you make an appointment at our waxing studio for arm waxing, we put your back in the hair-free zone quickly. Arm waxing is a simple procedure with no downtime. Even if you are receiving a full arm wax, our techniques offer clients speedy results. As a dark-haired person or one who has thick hair, you likely already know that removing your hair is far more time consuming than it is for fine or light hair removal. You can avoid this process as well as buying an expensive amount of product and equipment by visiting our convenient waxing center.

Minimize Skin Irritation

You’ve researched for the best waxing salon in the region and you’ve found us. Countless clients use our waxing services because they know it is the best strategy to avoid and minimize skin irritations. We conduct all of our services with clean and hygienic equipment and waxing service techniques. This ensures that our clients are safe and that your skin is treated with the care it deserves. There is nothing worse than walking out of a waxing salon with irritated or infected skin. Our staff is highly trained to perform their duties, making your visit with us a comfortable experience.

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